Wednesday, April 03, 2013

One Fine Day.....The English Countryside

Hi, I'm Lorna, I'm a personal style and fashion blogger for my own blog Raindrops of Sapphire and I am honoured to be doing a guest post for Kelly and her blog.
As I live in the countryside of England, I'm excited to do a post showing you the kind of clothes that I wear and the type of locations I have around me to use for my photos. Most style bloggers often live in the big cities of LA, NY or London, so I find it interesting coming up with different areas that I can use to keep my blog intriguing.

I live near a lot of fields and country lanes and I have cows across the road for my neighbours, so sometimes dressing in high heels isn't always an option unless I'm headed into town. So here are some of my looks with flats that I wear when there is too much rain, mud and grass around for me to wear any heels. I always love sparkle and colour though, so my choice in footwear generally always reflects that! Even my wellies are pimped out with ribbon, ha ha.

Here are some of my town outfits that I wear when I am surrounded by lots of concrete and buildings. I generally prefer to wear boots and wedges as I'm quite stable in them, but I do love little kitten heels as well because they are a lot easier to walk in than sky high stilettos. So here are some of my looks with boots and heels.

I generally love to accessorise my clothes with things like scarves and lots of jewellery as I feel like it adds so much flair and interest to my look, so here are some of my favourite accessories to wear.

And last, but definitely not least, since I live in the countryside, some gorgeous views for you to look at and some English heritage!