Saturday, April 13, 2013

Aussie Hair UK Silk Bath Robe Launch

Some of you may already know that I have been lucky enough to collaborate with haircare company, Aussie Hair UK!
Our first collaboration saw us have an amazing press launch at the Mayfair Hotel in London and design an exclusive scarf for their new Miracle Shine product!

The press and attention we received for this was amazing so we have now designed a silk bath robe with exclusive print for their limited edition "Street Art" botttles.
For the print, I worked with amazing print designer Jolene Nettleinghame and we started looking at ways of bringing in the Australian ginseng and pearl powder that is used in the miracle shine products. I also looked at the contrasting environments of the countryside and the beach as these are the two places I always end up when I travel back to Australia.
I decided on Ginseng berries as the colour of these is so vibrant and they could be incorporated easily into a print. I then started thinking about the fine spray of a paint can that street artists use - I thought this could be easily interpreted as Eucalyptus flowers as they have this kind of sprayed out aesthetic. These formed the main part of the print.
The last part of the print was formed by aloe plants and finally, as a complete contrast to the femininity of the print, graffiti was added to be in line with the street art bottle.  

 The robes were launched to the press at The Riding House Cafe last week and went down a treat!
Stay tuned for more collaborations with our brand and Aussie!