Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Introducing SS15 Homeward Bound

It’s never quite how you remember it.....the smells and sounds of your childhood have been peeled away like the paint that has weathered on the front porch. Through the years of filling your life with different places, people and senses, it has impacted on you in a way you never knew until you return.

But this place, this place.....It’s imprinted in your heart, it’s under your skin and inside your soul. The way the purple hydrangeas smell when you wake in the morning to the sounds of a bluebird cry that you had forgotten about, the fresh smell and quietness of the country air that makes you feel nostalgic, the crash of the waves and the taste of salt as you walk down to the jetty. Its worried wood has worn over the years from tiny feet scurrying and jumping along the length of the platform.
Everything seems so long ago now and it’s such a contrast to the incessant bustle of your present life. You can faintly remember picking blackberries and wild flowers in a nearby field, learning to surf with the neighbourhood boys, nursing a broken heart with friends and ice cream when you swore you’d never love another, climbing the grassy hills that surround the borders of the town and rolling back down again in the soft, sweet grass.
You feel euphoric as you wander through your childhood home. How in love you are with these beautiful dwellings that would see the start of a life filled with laugher, success, heartbreak and learning. How lucky you feel and how much you start to appreciate the present. 

SS15 Homeward Bound sees KELLY LOVE explore the contrast of the countryside and nostalgia with the brash liveliness of city life. Bold prints of stripes that act as a connection lay together with vibrant hydrangeas winding their way around silk dresses, draped shorts and jumpsuits. These feminine, delicate pieces sit alongside more contemporary soft leather, modern lace and embossed jacquard in hues of deep plum, nude pink, pale grey, chartreuse, inky blue and white.