Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 - A Blank Canvas

And so it is - a blank canvas waiting to be interpreted. The New Year is upon us. Before we can see in the New Year with a kiss from our sweetheart and a thousand broken resolutions we need to find the perfect dress. Whether the setting is a balmy evening or a winter wonderland, it is always a magical time when the slate is wiped clean and we can look forward to the unknown.

Embrace the new opulence that this season is becoming best known for. Exquisitely feminine fabrics, siren heels that compliment boyish cuts, strong quirky detailing and luxe accessories are the essence of this year. If all else fails though there is always the little black dress. These are my faves that I have seen lately. Revel in their loveliness and remember that the countdown is on.

So forget what you could have done this year, embrace the innocence of the young night and step into a smouldering after dark hue that will see you though until the morning light.