Friday, November 26, 2010

When It All Comes Together.......

AW2011 Song of the Rainbird is a collection of 60's inspired garments with reference to the correlation between mistresses of fallen rock stars and beautiful birds in cages.

A textured array of Sand washed Silks, Painted Fur, Velvety Suede, Chunky Cable Knits and Silk Jersey will be formed into fashion forward midis, curved hem lines, high waisted trousers and ruffled collars.

Take a sneak peek as it all comes together......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Power of the Press - SNOW PR SS11

“Kelly Love is perfect for our readers- I will be calling in lots of samples”
Laura Martin, Company Magazine

“The vintage, girly feel to the collection is great. The silk pieces are really strong!”
Roberta Massy-Birch, Instyle Magazine

“The mix of prints and textures are great for shoots.”
Polly Banks, Freelance

“Personally, I would wear all of this collection!”
Charlotte Adsett, Celebs on Sunday

“I like the colour burst of the orange. All very quirky and fun!”
Kim Howells, Freelance & Dazed Digital

Friday, November 05, 2010

Nova's Basement Collaboration

One of the loveliest ways of getting your creative voice heard is through collaboration. The beauty of art is that it exists in so many different forms, most of which can be intertwined seamlessly. And as the struggling artist persona is more often than not true, it is also an incredibly humbling way of helping each other out.  

In the past I have been lucky enough to collaborate with illustrator Jolene Nettleinghame, photographers Amberly Valentine & Phat Ngo and models including Alex Skilbeck and Daisy Wilkins. I now also have the opportunity to collaborate with the up and coming UK band Nova's Basement as their stylist for gigs and events.

Log onto Nova's Basement facebook page or website to read the news or find out about up and coming gigs

Friday, October 15, 2010

AW11 - Song of the Rainbird

Spread your, wasted wings
Escape the, gilded cage
We’ve fallen down and out
With the wrong kind of life

Leave a note, in the mist One last look then leave them be
Their ode to our beauty is an ode to their pain
Your romance today is our torment tomorrow

Rainbird, know your place, in the world
We are carved perfection, it’s lonely, it’s lonely

The words were, written for us
We were the last one to know
We’re not so pretty inside
There are cobwebs in our mind

Flamingo, Peacock, Hummingbird, Rainbird
Can you save the last flight for us?
Or abandon yourself and lose everything for them

We’ve suffered quite enough
In a world worthy of few
And when we’re finished dressing up
We might remember who we are

They feel our absence before we’re even out the door
No more melodies from the heart
They fall apart

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing SS2011 Origami Dolls


Paris Showroom 29 September - 5 October

As the catwalk shows unveil the latest designers at London Fashion Week I too will present SS11 on the humble blog......See the collection presented in Paris by Snow PR


The Like

I think I could have found my muse….or 3 muses to be exact…..  

One’s to Watch

Vauxhall Fashion scout “One’s to Watch” line-up has long been a breeding ground for the newest designers to emerge. As part of this seasons line up two of my favourite new designers took their talents to the stage and showed everyone exactly why their names were on the list.  
Lilee and Charlotte Taylor are both extremely talented, have an incredible eye for detail and have something unique in the copy-cat world of fashion. The similarities however stop there.

Lilees avant garde creations show the romanticism of fashion with intricate tailoring, subtle detailing and whispers of floating chiffon next to Taylor’s fresh approach to bold colours, clean lines and her own personalized prints. 

This was a show to remember for all the right reasons and they can rest assured that their fan base just grew tenfold. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amberly Valentine

One of the most startling discoveries I have made since I began my journey as a fashion designer is just how many people are willing to give up their time and help, purely to see something lovely evolve.

Earlier in the year this was very apparent when I went in search of a photographer to shoot my lookbooks for AW10 Your Heart On My Sleeve and SS11 Origami Dolls. Weaving my way through endless websites and magazines I came across a website called Model Mayhem that links creative sorts together to collaborate on various projects. In this creative melting pot I came across some photos that were more charming than anything I had seen before by a photographer named Amberly Valentine.

What struck me about this artist was just how similar her aesthetic was to my way of working. There were also quite a few photos in Amberly’s portfolio that I wished involved my clothes and so it was a very easy decision of who to approach. Luckily for me Amberly was not only talented but also very humble and professional, offering to help me with the shoot. And the rest is history!

Since launching my label with this lookbook, I have secured a sales agent Daniella Alves @ Snow PR who will be selling the collection from her showroom from 8th August 2010 in Great Portland Street, London. I have 2 major stockists in the form of Rous Island Showroom and Catwalk Genius and I have been awarded a grant to exhibit my collection in Paris during fashion week. A feat that couldn’t have been done without Amberly.

The fantasy world of Amberly’s uninhibited imagination along with her technical ability will ensure she goes a long way. The photoshoots she works on lapse between edgy dreaminess to erotic vulnerability and always have a point of difference that makes them truly breathtaking. The photos from our shoot can be seen below in AW2010 Your Heart On My Sleeve however I have also included some of my most loved editorial shots from Amberly’s portfolio. Enjoy!

For more info go to

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Early one morning before the sun had reached its brightest point I came across an email from the founder of the blog Hivennn, Jazzy Elizabeth. Her site is predominately fashion based with her love of vintage shining through in the whimsical form of grainy old school photos, beautiful clothes and an eclectic mix of topics.

Jazzy Elizabeth had contacted me in regards to her official blog giveaway which came about after her blog received over 2000 hits. I have donated a t-shirt from my SS11 collection Origami Dolls. The competition ends on the 30th June so quickly skip to the website and apply to win a wonderful array of gifts

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Introducing AW2010 Your Heart on My Sleeve

The AW2010 capsule collection Your Heart On My Sleeve is made up of ten beautifully crafted pieces in lambswool, French lace, velvet and textured silk. These pieces give an introduction to my SS11 collection Origami Dolls available soon.

Stockists include Rous Island Showroom @ 45 Clarges Street Mayfair W1J 7EP & Catwalk Genius @ . To see the full collection, go to  

The Magic that is Africa

It would be easy to believe if you travel to Mozambique you would discover a place that is so full of intrigue, beauty and famine that it would take your breath away. You would be right.

Spend a few days in Maputo and you will see a handful of contradictions. From the wide avenues, tropical trees, shiny new cars and fancy seafood restaurants on Costa Del Sol to the to narrow dusty backstreets holding vibrant markets, energetic salesmen with an underlying desperation and the local chapa vans bursting at the seams with locals trying to get home.

Travelling through some of these communities, you will see many a child walking with their smaller siblings wrapped tightly into little bundles on their back made from traditional kanga fabrics. The children have a special companionship with each other, the woman treat you like old friends and the men are proud and hard working.

The way the Mozambique people dress mediates the merging of the counties contradictions, reflects the vastly differing cultures that are injected into the city and depends on the individual's economic status. In the cities, women wear Western-style dresses made from fabric with brightly colored African patterns. Women in rural areas, however, generally have kept their traditional garb of long strips of fabric that are wrapped around the body, under the arms, and over one shoulder. They have also retained the traditional head scarf or turban.

The rise of clothing and accessory collections inspired by the bright kanga fabrics and relaxed dressing of these regions has increased over the past couple of seasons. Brands including Choolips, MADE, SOKO and ASOS.COM are all getting in on the action and with sustainable fashion becoming trendier by the day, it shows no sign of slowing down. With these labels supporting communities in Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania this is a positive trend that will only continue to grow.

Take the warmth that radiates from the people, the vibrant colours of their traditional dress and the colourful noisy surroundings and you have the very magical place that is Africa.

Stay tuned for more African tales......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SS11 Origami Dolls Lookbook Shoot

A rare day of sunshine in London sets the scene for the shoot of my SS11 collection Origami Dolls. Ideas float around my mind like soft feathers of how to shoot a simple lookbook with an editorial twist.

My stylist Ellie Ward pulls out crochet oatmeal socks, suede sandles and piles of straw hats to squeals of delight (mine), while my talented photographer, Amberly Valentine gets the lighting just so. Down the hallway in the eerily quiet building, Tano fixes the hair into outrageous styles resembling beautifully crafted bird nests while Melodie applies fairytale inspired make-up.

Alex Skilbeck and Daisy Wilkins step into their first outfits and with their sweetly made up faces and broken poses they look like perfect dolls. I take a moment and feel myself exhale at the thought that the first step is coming to an end.

Everything runs smoothly without so much as a shaky start. The shots are darkly romantic showing the clothes beautifully and creating the story that was once just sketches on a page.

The lookbook is complete and the next chapter begins......

Amberly @
Tano @
Melodie Briere @
Alex Skilbeck @
Daisy Wilkins @