Friday, October 15, 2010

AW11 - Song of the Rainbird

Spread your, wasted wings
Escape the, gilded cage
We’ve fallen down and out
With the wrong kind of life

Leave a note, in the mist One last look then leave them be
Their ode to our beauty is an ode to their pain
Your romance today is our torment tomorrow

Rainbird, know your place, in the world
We are carved perfection, it’s lonely, it’s lonely

The words were, written for us
We were the last one to know
We’re not so pretty inside
There are cobwebs in our mind

Flamingo, Peacock, Hummingbird, Rainbird
Can you save the last flight for us?
Or abandon yourself and lose everything for them

We’ve suffered quite enough
In a world worthy of few
And when we’re finished dressing up
We might remember who we are

They feel our absence before we’re even out the door
No more melodies from the heart
They fall apart