Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Origami Dolls - Peek into the collection

So it begins. A small step heading up the winding staircase of the London fashion industry. If a picture tells a thousand words then a collection tells a precise story – one that will hopefully captivate the listener and intrigue the glittering fashion world.

A selection of inspirational treasures in your mind start the timely and intricate process. Dolls, circles painted perfectly on already rosy cheeks, impossibly long eyelashes, origami, paper planes, whimsical geisha girls, fragments of hand painted silk and velvet, the sound of butterfly wing, perfectly formed bows, foreign films shot in impending darkness, love letters, antique jewels, tea cups.

An inspiration becomes an idea – a sketch on thick textured paper. Crumbled and thrown away, start again, colours bleed into one another, charcoal smudges and the final idea is here. Old fashioned pattern cutting, printing, fabric is draped and folded into itself, pockets form, meticulous hand stitching leaves invisible traces of blood from a million pricked fingers.

A china doll leans against a dirty wall in a derelict Victorian house. Studded kitten heels and leather accessories adorn her and compliment her delicate outfit. The room is silent bar the click of a camera and the rain outside.

AW2010 London will see the arrival of the new Kelly Love collection – Origami Dolls.

Artwork by Jolene Nettleinghame at