Thursday, July 10, 2014

Introducing AW14 Wanderlust

It was dark when we set off. That early morning darkness, just before the sunlight peaks her weary head through the clouds. We didn’t care. We were restless, free and ready for anything.....
The old & rusted mustang sat waiting in the drive, wondering where we were heading. We wondered the same.....As the engine kicked into gear, we turned the music up way too loud for such an ungodly hour & felt on top of the world. The top was down, we were freezing. But we didn’t care.
I knew she wanted to drive through the night, see the nocturnal animals whose bright eyes would light up the sky. She wanted to see the botanical gardens – had a thing for wild flowers and toxic plants – could name them all on a whim. We’d pick up vintage postcards that would never be sent & eat ice cream that would melt before we could finish. The mountains would spread out before us and she would be in her element.
We drove and drove as the morning light became brighter and shone into our glittering eyes. Palm trees began to take shape and reminded us that we were close to the seaside. We threw back our heads and laughed. We already knew that this trip would be magical.....
We were wanderers, but by no means were we lost.....  
AW14 Wanderlust sees KELLY LOVE imagine a world without ties and the freedom to explore ones existence through travel and exploration. Eclectic prints of flowers on vintage postcards and the more traditional floral prints that the label is known for are washed over luxurious silks & man-made fibres. A complete contrast of textures sees Leather, Mohair and Embroidered cotton sit alongside the silken pieces. 
Sit back and enjoy the journey of texture and colour along with your imagination about what will be....take everything as it comes. Travel to see the world if only in your mind...for as we all know, “Not all those who wander are lost”