Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing SS14 The Effect of Butterflies

He was a collector. Not necessarily of all things beautiful, just objects of interest that came his way. Things that made an impression on him and made him think of days gone by.

He was good with his hands. He would collect these pieces and recreate something magical – sometimes for others, mostly for her. Whittling away the hours, he would think of nothing but their past together.
It started so long ago when he would gather little trinkets on their travels to remind himself that he was so full of life.....
His house was full of these collectables now. Delicate butterfly’s pinned to boards in vibrant blues and pinks, vivid red silks and Italian laces from trips to exotic lands, yellow wild flowers looped together in bunches and tribal jewellery she’d once worn with pride.  
The butterflies were what he treasured most though. He had found the carcass of a butterfly once that had wings so dry, it turned to dust upon his touch. Right there in his hands until the smudge of colour was just that and nothing more.

That single moment defined his love for her. She was a butterfly; a free spirit, beautiful, full of life. And he knew from then on, the effect she had on him would define his very being......