Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bound for Australia......

Although I have lived in London for over 5 years, Australia will always be such a special and amazing place to me. Not only because the weather, lifestyle and space that we have is the envy of people all over the world, but because the people I loved first are there.  

Over 2 lovely weeks we spent time with my family in the beautiful countryside house I grew up in, hung out with my best friends that get me in a way that no others ever will, ate and drank in the amazing places Sydney has to offer, cheered friends on at their sporting events, met many, many babies, swam in the gorgeous beaches and did the famous Coogee to Bondi walk that I love!  

Needless to say, there is definitely no place like home.......

Coogee to Bondi Walk

The house I grew up in
My mum's secret garden

Cafe in Sydney - The Grounds

Our friends bar in Sydney - Pocket