Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Good cake comes to those who wait!

Exactly 10 days ago my lovely boyfriend brought home a portion of ‘Herman the German Friendship Cake’, given to him by a colleagues wife, to pass onto me. I love baking so it’s good to know this is common knowledge even within my boyfriend’s workplace!  

The concept of Herman is simple and very lovely. You are given some cake mix to take care of for 10 days. You need to keep the lid off, stir the mixture every day and add flour, sugar and milk on two of the 10 days.

On day 9 the cake is divided into 4 sections, 3 portions are given away to friends who love baking and the 10 day process starts for them.  

On day 10, delicious ingredients including sugar (and lots of it), apples, raisins and vanilla are added to the left over portion and you have a very delightful cake that you have well and truly waited for.  

The beauty of course it that the process just goes on and on meaning the cake gets tastier and tastier and Herman’s friendship is spread all around!     

Start your own friendship cake - http://www.hermanthegermanfriendshipcake.com/   

 Day 1
 Day 4 - adding flour, sugar & milk
 Day 9 - divided portions of friendship
 Day 10 - adding apples & raisins
 Day 10 - the final mix (flour, eggs, vanilla & cinnamon)
 Day 10 - a spinkle of brown sugar & melted butter
 Day 10 - after baking (the smell was amazing)
 Day 10 (& many days to come as it makes alot) EAT IT!!!