Thursday, October 22, 2009

NYC - Melting Pot of Street Fashion

New York, I love you – you will never bring me down. Out of all the cities we will visit in a lifetime, some stain the memory indelibly. New York is one of these cities. There is no other place that makes one feel as inspired or alive as the city that never sleeps. In a place where art is the essence of life, fashion is central to this art. From the designer stores and elegant cafes of the Upper West Side to the rambling markets, second hand book stores and vintage boutiques of the Lower East Side, there is something for everyone. If there is a line to be crossed in the stakes of fashion, the line has been well and truly crossed in a land where anything goes.

It is difficult to pinpoint the current trends as everyone looks unique and interprets style in their own way. New York is addictive and I would do anything to be able to bottle the style of the devastatingly cool people who walk the streets. Jumpsuits are worn with crafty accessories, fringed dresses are offset by the highest heels and men’s preppy shirts are worn with little else. The reason that you never see two people wearing the same thing is the fact that there are SO many places to shop. A great little discovery was “The market NYC” which is a young designers market brimming with creative talent that is yet to be discovered.

The back streets of the lower east side are full of stores that seem like you wouldn’t know they were there unless someone in the know showed you. The best thing to do is to simply let yourself get lost. A couple of gems are the “Pixie Markets” which sells designer wares at a discounted price and “Flying A” stocking vintage pieces alongside quirky American labels.

For such a huge city, you can feel as if you are part of a quaint village wandering around aimlessly happy. The people can seem nonchalant however when you have the pleasure of speaking with them, they are passionate and animated. On top of this, they are very well aware that they are lucky enough to live, in my opinion, in the coolest city in the world.